Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is one of the major challenges during system operation and maintenance. Reasonable capacity planning not only ensures long-term stable operation of the system, but reduces IT infrastructure expenses. Capacity planning, based on services of the system, analyzes the consumption of various resources, then evaluates and predicts whether the capacity of various resources can meet the present and future needs, and thus providing relevant solutions.

In general, capacity planning obtains the resource consumption of each business by testing and it calculates or simulates by using mathematical estimation or system model. The main system resources of capacity planning include: CPU, memory, disk I/O and network bandwidth. According to business characteristics and system operation situation, the system needs targeted capacity planning.

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Server Benchmark Testing

Server benchmark testing is the basis of system capacity planning. Benchmark tests based on specific applications can provide a more accurate measure of the capacity of the server. Service performance testing and digital tools are effective means to measure the consumption of the service resources in application system.
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Server Upgrade

Server upgrade is one of the effective methods to add system capacity and improve performance. The systematic and comprehensive assessment about different hardware performance provides a scientific program for the upgrade of the server, thus further offers best performance to the application.
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Server Expansion

Server expansion is another effective way to increase the capacity of the system and improve performance. It will provide hardware support for the future business growth in order, by measuring the horizontal expansion of the distributed architecture system and the tendency of the increasing system capacity in detail.

Needing capacity planning for your system?

  • Do you know what kind of server or hardware suits you more?
  • Do you know how long the hard disk will full?
  • Do you know how many servers need to be prepared for future business?
  • Do you have engineers make capacity plans for your system?

Hengtian PEG is willing to help you make capacity plans with our professional knowledge. Whether the queue network, Petri network or linear regression, our measurements, model and mathematical methods will make you feel emboldened, confident and ready for the system.