Cloud Platform Selection

Private cloud is warmly welcome among various enterprises due to its independent and customized IT environment, effective control over data, security and service quality. Hengtian Performance Engineering team provides professional cloud test service based on many years of accumulation in performance engineering field. By benchmarking, doing stability test and integrative test regarding cloud product’s CPU, storage, network and HD IO, Hengtian Performance Engineering Team could help enterprise choose the most suitable product among different products and solutions, which will provide reliable references for enterprises to select cloud platform and do storage planning and thus decrease the risk of system crash and cluster connection lost.

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Doing test on cloud platform products regarding CPU, storage, network and HD IO under two conditions (with resource competition and without resource competition) , which enables user to have a basic understanding of cloud platform performance.
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Capacity Test

By continually revising parameters of system and test software, users can find the best parameter mix and get trusted references for system optimization in the further step.
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Stability Test

By doing long-term pressure test on cloud platform regarding CPU, storage, network, and HD IO, users can detect invisible stability problems such as system crash, cluster connection lost.

Looking for professional cloud platform test services?

  • Having difficulty in choosing which cloud platform is the best fit for you?
  • Want to know the capacity limit of cloud platform?
  • Want to know if the applications could run stably on the cloud platform?

Hengtian Performance Engineering team provides comprehensive, professional, efficient and flexible performance engineering services to satisfy different clients’ requirements.

  • Professional: With more than 10 years of performance engineering experiences and adopting professional tools, processes, and templates in operation.
  • Comprehensive: Providing various performance test services including benchmarking, capacity test, system stability test and application performance test etc.
  • Excellent: Putting client satisfaction in the first place and improving expertise and service quality continually.
  • Efficient: Using automatic test tools and parameterized module, and following standard process to save client’s cost.
  • Flexible: Multi-choices on service and charge model and highly customizable.