Clients Reviews

  • Hengtian Performance Engineering Group helped us to evaluate our bank management system systematically, and provided us a full range of performance solutions from the system framework to the configuration. The group helped us save the project R & D funding, and significantly improve the performance of the system at the same time!

  • Hengtian Performance Engineering Group made a contribution to going live our core system. Our core system is difficult to operate even for the system developer consists of hundreds of people, since its multi function and complexity of business .But Hengtian Performance Engineering Group which includes about 10 people helps us to solve many tough problems rapidly. Their ability and efficiency are amazing! And we also appreciate the professional dedication spirit of the team during their work.

  • During the performance test of the core transaction system, Hengtian Performance Engineering Group shows professional skills. In just a few weeks, they quickly located and resolved a number of major performance issues, and ensured the trading system being on-line normally and operate stably.

  • Hengtian Performance Engineering Group ensured that the whole four parts of the Bottled Water Distribution System were successful to launch online! We have a long-term planning, and we hope that the new system can meet the business growth of the next five years, and all these aims requires a very high demand for the processing capacity of orders and report forms. Meanwhile, there are so many system functions and roles, and the business is also very complex even the internal staffs can’t understand all the software bugs. But Hengtian Performance Engineering Group can quickly and accurately simulate the main scene, and helped us solve the big problems!