Banking Industry

  • Hengtian has established good cooperation with some companies in the financial industry, therefore, Hengtian Performance Engineering Group has abundant experience in the banking industry, including Chinese commercial banks’ online banking system and back-end business management system, and leading international custodian banks’ fund and management system, business system, fund big data display system, portal website of banks, information distribution system, content management system and etc.
    According to the characteristics of different systems in banking industry, Hengtian Performance Engineering Group helps customers to establish and maintain different performance requirements and testing strategies, and balances priority of the response, throughput, stability and other performance attributes. Hengtian Performance Engineering Group, with professional skills, capabilities to quickly familiar with system business, abilities to analyze and understand system in the field of performance engineering, can control the life cycle of a performance testing within 2-4weeks and fully guarantee the efficient and stable operation of the bank systems.

System Software

  • System software includes operation system, database system, middleware and etc. Performance evaluation of system software is the necessary means in product development process and the most accurate way to select and compare frameworks. With the development of new technologies, the appliance of new technologies also need to be assessed so as to better understand the performance characteristics of software and help the users make a reasonable decision.
    Hengtian Performance Engineering Group is very experienced in TPC-C assessment of commercial database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Oscar), benchmarks testing of virtualization technology’s (KVM, VMware) CPU, memory, network, and disk I/O, performance evaluation of system software like cloud storage system (ownCloud) and web-based software architecture selection and etc. Hengtian Performance Engineering Goup selects appropriate performance indexes and measurement tools according to the characteristics of the application to make comprehensive measurement of each dimension of the system and provide professional basic software testing services.

Smart Home

  • Hengtian has been working with leading smart home companies home and abroad for many years. Comparing with other application system, smart home system has its special framework and load characteristics. Smart home platform typically connects to a huge number of various types of home electronics, and communicates by the mainstream message-oriented middleware and protocols. Users can get access to platform, check out and control home appliances via Web or mobile app. Because a great number of appliances may transfer large amounts of data to the management platform, the pressure of system not only comes from potential concurrent users, but from a large groups of machines. Meanwhile, the system has lots of asynchronous operations.
    According to the characteristics of the smart home system, Hengtian Performance Engineering Group designs the testing plan and load simulation of smart home accordingly, so as to help smart home platform to evaluate system performance, address performance issues under the special framework and improve system response and throughput to ensure long-term and stable operation of the system, allowing users of smart home to experience new life brought by new technologies.

Financial Exchanges

  • Hengtian has a close partnership with a number of Chinese financial exchanges, and parts of cooperation begin in performance engineering. The core transaction system and clearing & settlement system of the financial exchanges have very high requirements for real-time capability and accuracy of the system, therefore system’s performance needs to be continuously verified and optimized through performance testing and tuning.
    Having accumulated some experiences in the performance testing and tuning of trading system, such as bulk commodity trading system, financial clearing and settlement system, foreign exchange system, futures trading systems and P2P financial and lending, Hengtian Performance Engineering Group succeeds in ensuring the efficient and stable operation of a number of domestic client system, and helps clients solve performance problems of the system under rapid growth of business.


  • Hengtian has deep cooperation with a number of Chinese vertical e-commerce and provides comprehensive services for them including development, testing, performance engineering, operation and maintenance, etc. Always based on J2EE architecture, vertical e-commerce systems provide web and mobile accesses. Electronic commerce system needs to handle users’ accesses with high concurrency and high load brought by sales promotion, so the system has a very high requirement for performance and stability. In addition, safeguard technology like performance engineering and development process should fit in each other because of quick updates and agile developments of the e-commerce site.
    Performance Engineering Group works with other teams of Hengtian, providing long-term performance engineering services for domestic leading drinking water manufacturer and E-commerce projects of well-known state-owned enterprises, and accumulating rich experience of business website performance testing and tuning.

Insurance Industry

  • Insurance is an important branch of financial services industry. The insurance system varies because of the different insurance business, but typically has complex approval business process, expense rates and cost estimation, which expects testing simulates its automatic operation of business process and ensure the correctness of data. In addition, with the characteristic of large underlying data, insurance system requires that testing data is close to the data in real system from user material, product price to event tracking so as to reflect the performance when users operating the data in a more realistic way.
    Hengtian's long-term cooperation with leading foreign insurance industry also brings a wealth of opportunities for Hengtian Performance Engineering Group. Providing services for either B/S or C/S architecture is helpful for us to accumulate valuable experience in the industry.

Business Intelligence

  • Hengtian has an in-depth research in business intelligence, and has accumulated a wealth of experience. Business intelligence carries out data analysis to achieve business value by making use of modern data warehousing, online analytical processing technology, data mining, data analysis and data displaying technology. The features of business intelligence determine the characteristics of system like complex business and large amount of data.
    Hengtian Performance Engineering Group has provided the largest call center of America with performance engineering services such as performance testing, performance tracking and resolution and performance tuning for their business intelligence systems. We not only successfully help them resolve the performance issues plaguing them for a long time, but also guarantee efficient and stable operation of the system.