Performance Testing

Performance testing is to test each performance index by simulating a variety of normal, peak and abnormal load conditions through automatic testing tools. According to different load characteristics, the performance testing can be divided into benchmark testing, load testing, stress testing, stability testing, etc. Determining system performance under various workloads, load testing aims to test the changes of performance index when the load gradually increases. Stress testing can get the service level at maximum by determining a bottleneck or unacceptable performance point of the system.

Performance testing plays an important role in Software Quality Assurance, and includes various testing contents. China Software Testing Center summarizes the performance testing into three aspects: performance testing on the client, performance testing on the network and performance testing on the server. Generally, effective and reasonable combination of these three aspects can achieve comprehensive analysis and forecast bottleneck of the system.

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Web Application Performance Testing

With the development of the Internet, the Web applications based on HTTP/HTTPS are facing increasing concurrent pressure. With performance testing, we can not only verify if the website can meet the requirements, but also help to detect the software defects that general function test can’t do.
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Mobile Application Performance Testing

With the popularity of smart phones and maturity of their system, mobile Internet services develop rapidly. Mobile application performance testing can detect the experience of mobile users, and ensure the server is capable of supporting the explosive growth potential visits.
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System Software Performance Testing

System architecture selection and configuration adjustments are supported by performance testing. The typical scenarios include database selection, virtual machine selection, the benchmark testing of physical machine or cloud host, application server configuration optimization etc.

Looking for professional performance testing services?

  • Your application is running slowly and lack of professional performance engineers to help you?
  • You want to make sure the reliability of application and performance testing report provided by the third-party?
  • Looking for ways to verify whether the application performance reaches the standards developed by party B?

Hengtian PEG will be committed to solve the issues of IT system performance. According to your business and system features, we will analyze the performance requirements of your system, develop the most appropriate performance testing program, verify whether the performance of your system meets your requirements, determine the performance bottleneck of the system, locate the problem and formulate the optimization scheme from configuration, architecture and code, finally achieve the purpose of fully optimizing your system.