Test Monitoring

As the third party, performance test monitoring helps Party A to monitor and review system performance testing programs, performance testing cases, performance testing implementation processes, performance testing results, so as to ensure the scientific design of programs and cases, to confirm the orderly implementation of the performance testing process, to identify the risk of the performance testing process, and to guarantee the validity and justice of performance test results.

Performance test monitoring can effectively help service buyers lack of the performance testing knowledge and ability to monitor and manage the process of performance testing, to ensure the implementation of performance testing, to meet the requirements of service buyers, so as to control risks in performance testing, to arrange the resources of performance testing reasonably, and to help service buyers to ensure the system quality.

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Demand Analysis

The arrangement of the performance requirement need more professional knowledge of performance engineering, while the rough demand analysis may be not verified or implemented, which may lead to errors in performance requirements. Due to professional demand analysis and multidimensional description on performance demand, we can ensure the requirement to be comprehensive, enforceable, and verifiable.

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Acceptance Test

There will be relevant risks in the process of testing because of system environment configuration, test data preparation and test result analysis, etc. Effective supervision on the process of performance testing is a good way to avoid potential risks and to ensure that testing will be completed in a good order.

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Analysis of the Test Results

There might be some incomprehensive, inaccurate and tough problems appearing in the performance testing report issued by service provider or software provider. If it is launched online rashly, it may lead to accidents. However, acceptance test inspection can help service buyers confirm the effectiveness of performance test reports and add the missing part so as to provide a fair and objective benchmark for decision.

Do you need the performance test monitoring?

  • Do you find that the system is running slowly, but the service provider can quickly run system?
  • Do you have a professional team to monitor the testing process of service provider?
  • • Do you know how to define performance requirements by the system?
  • The system which is submitted by service provider needs acceptance testing but you don’t have a professional team to execute it?

Our experienced architects and consultants will help you check the whole performance testing process, and we will verify many indicators of the system in response, capacity and stability, to provide a fair, scientific and objective test results for your system.