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With the rapid development of software engineering in China, performance testing has gradually developed with more attention paid to by many companies. The software performance has become an important index of measuring products quality and assessing company’s technical capability. However, the performance testing field is still at the early stage in China, and most companies don’t have their own performance testing team. In order to build a high-quality performance testing team, we not only need to spend lot of money on it, but set high standard for experienced testers. Only do we find excellent training team, we will achieve our goals successfully.

The performance testing plays an important role in Software Quality Assurance, and includes various testing contents. China Software Testing Center summarizes the performance testing in three aspects, performance testing on the client, performance testing on the network and performance testing on the server. Generally, effective and reasonable combination of these three aspects can achieve comprehensive analysis and forecast bottleneck of the system.

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Performance testing theoretical training

This course is all about the knowledge of performance engineering, such as introduction of performance engineering, theory of performance tuning, system modeling, introduction of performance index, introduction of performance testing, the classification and methods of performance testing.

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Performance testing tools training

This course aims at the international popular performance testing tools development, ensuring students not only to operate tools well, but also manage scenarios reasonably, analyze data correctly and finally find system bottleneck. The types of tools include performance testing execution tools, system monitoring tools and data analysis tools, etc.

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System performance tuning training

This course helps students combine actual budget and project plan to tune the system performance in many aspects after they find the system bottlenecks. Main courses are as follows: generate strategies of performance tuning, set goals of performance tuning, study psychology of the performance tuning, determine the benchmarking and the factors affect benchmark and analyze the results of benchmark testing.

Do you need the performance testing training?

  • Do you want to have a performance testing team of your own but you are lack of trainers?
  • Do you want to help the performance testers lack of profession reach a higher technical level?
  • Do you want to raise the whole team’s level to make your team have the ability of performance testing to attract more customers?
  • The system which is submitted by service provider needs acceptance testing but you don’t have a professional team to execute it?

Hengtian PEG will be committed to provide high quality performance testing training services, and create the “Dream Team”- excellent performance testing teamfor you.