Tools Customization

Performance testing tools is the key of the performance testing. As the core of the performance testing tools, the Load Generator provides users with different load scenarios for performance testing and monitoring. Concerning the quality of the performance testing tools, there are some aspects worthy paying attention to: whether monitoring related facilities are complete, whether distributed high concurrency testing is flexible, whether application protocol support is enough. The customized performance testing tools can help users achieve the highly automated performance testing, analysis and management according to different platforms, application protocols and other particularity.

The performance testing plays an important role in Software Quality Assurance, and includes various testing contents. China Software Testing Center summarizes the performance testing into three aspects, performance testing on the client, performance testing on the network and performance testing on the server. Generally, effective and reasonable combination of these three aspects can achieve comprehensive analysis and forecast bottleneck of the system.

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The performance testing tools based on cloud platform

We provide interfaces that compatible with cloud platform, get authority automatically, deploy and detect testing machine, control testing execution and data collection. Test history management can help you know the changes of the performance about the cloud application in time, and ensure you to master the performance situation after each upgrade and update.
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The performance testing components for continuous integration

With the popularity of smart phones and maturity of their system, mobile Internet service develops rapidly. Mobile application performance testing can help detect the experience of mobile users, and ensure the server is capable of supporting the explosive growth of potential visits.

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The performance testing tools for the service interface

The general performance testing tools may not be completely compatible with the user-defined interface, or the degree of automation is kind of low, while the performance testing tools with interface for specific service can basically achieve the fully automatic performance testing without coding.

Expecting to customize your own performance testing tools?

  • Are you upset about paying high costs for the license of the performance testing tools every year?
  • Have you found that the commercial testing tools have many limitations and unable to meet your changing testing requirements?
  • Have you found that neither commercial testing tools nor the open source testing tools can meet your requirement of specific scenarios?
  • Are you upset that the current testing processes are not automatic enough?
  • Are you upset that you can’t understand the report from the testing tools?

Hengtian PEG will be committed to customize the performance testing tools to meet your specific requirements, making the testing processes more automatic, the report easier to understand, and the test results more efficiently to manage. Our cooperation will reduce your long-term investment in the performance testing, sufficiently safeguard the performance of your application and help your business run more smoothly. We believe that the tools that suit you most are the best.